Volume 33 December 1997
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The importance of natural historians and natural history societies in conservation. David Bellamy

Linking record collection with professional conservation. Keith Porter

Is ad hoc good enough? Tim Rich

The amateur naturalist - is it a dying breed? Peter Marren

Ammunition for conservation: Biodiversity, species and habitats. Brian Eversham

Naturalists and Conservation - the way forward. Earl of Cranbrook

The Queen of Spain Fritillary Argynnis lathonia L. 1758 at Minsmere RSPB Reserve, Suffolk. Anderson, C. & Wilson, R.

Notes on the Camberwell Beauty at Minsmere, 19th August 1996. Stewart, R. G.

The Golden Hoverfly, Callicera spinolae Rondani - an earlier first British occurrence from Suffolk. Aston, A. E.

Notes and comments on some Suffolk moths in 1996. Hall, M. R.

Records of butterflies and moths at Brandon by Yorkshire naturalist J. W. Dunning (1833-1897). Mendel, H. & Clarke, R. E.

Five-spot Burnet Moth Zygaena trifolii (Esper) in Suffolk. Mendel, H. & Macklin, R. N.

Some recent Suffolk plant records. Hyde, E. M. & Simpson, F. W.

Notes on some bryophytes recorded in Suffolk in 1996. Fisk, R. J.

The development of tree communities at Staverton Park and The Thicks, Wantisden. Sibbett, N. E.

The channel gravels of the Dunwich and Minsmere cliff. Mottram, H. B.

Some beetle pests in old cottages. Heathcote, G. D.

Butterflies at Framlingham July 28th-August 5th. Aston, A. E.

Framlingham local moths in 1996. Aston, A. E.

Observations on the breeding behaviour of Pike. Martin, J. R.

Obituaries: Martin Ellis, Edgar Milne-Redhead, Colin Smith, John Trist