Volume 56 January 2021
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Otter diet along the upper Little Ouse. R. Langston & A. Rivett
Three species of Cecidomyiidae - new additions to the Suffolk Diptera checklist. J. P. Bowdrey
Amphibians and Reptiles on roads in northeast Suffolk. J. M. R. Baker
The Parson Naturalist in Suffolk. P. H. Armstrong
Marine Fishes of the south-western North Sea. G. Broad & J. R. Ellis
The Cladocera of Suffolk. A. Chalkley
The Diptera of Suffolk. Part 3: Psychodomorpha, Ptychopteromorpha and Culicomorpha. P. Vincent
Diptera Report, 2020. P. Vincent
Suffolk Hymenopterists and their associates. A. Knowles
Aculeate Hymenoptera Recorder’s Report 2020. A. Knowles
2019 Suffolk Butterfly Report. W. Stone
A review of moths in Suffolk 2019 and new additions to the county list from previous year not yet reported. N. Sherman
Elm in a Bury St Edmunds housing estate. N. Sibbett
Name changes in Stace’s New Flora of the British Isles. M. Sanford
Elizabeth Knipe Cobbold - Georgian Geologist. C. J. K. & R. A. D. Markham
A Geological Field Guide to Harkstead, Suffolk. W. H. George


Grey Squirrel - a retraction. P. Lack
A Nearctic Rhagoletis fruit fly in Suffolk. J. B. Higgott
Andrena bucephala (Hymenoptera: Andrenidae) new to Suffolk. M. Ferris
A study of land adjacent to Picton Avenue, Ipswich TM167463. R. Stewart
A Lizard Orchid in Ipswich. M. Sanford
A new native plant found in Suffolk.