Volunteers wanted to help with slug survey - RHS and Newcastle University

The last major study of slug diversity and activity in gardens was carried out in the 1940s by entomologists Barnes and Weil. Things have changed since then, both in the way we manage our gardens but also in the slugs present in the UK. Many more species of slug are known to be present and established in Britain since the 1940s, and some species such as the cellar slugs are known to have a changing distribution. Learning more about which species are present and the most abundant in gardens is important for understanding the impact they may be having and will help inform the advice the RHS gives the public. We are looking for a minimum of 60 volunteers from all around Britain with access to a garden to take part in a one-year study investigating slug activity in gardens. Applications close at 9am on 2 MarchFind out more on RHS website >