Latest Records

The following list of records includes verified records and those awaiting verification of species groups you are interested in which have been recently added in your area.

Species Site name Grid Ref Date Recorder
Lucanus cervus | Stag Beetle
GardenTM0377421912/07/2017Mark Wilshaw
Impatiens glandulifera | Indian Balsam
Lavenham Studios DitchTL9202487519/10/2017Katrina Wells
Sitta europaea | Nuthatch
Lackford LakesTL8002706218/10/2017Hawk Honey
Gallinago gallinago | Snipe
Lackford LakesTL80270818/10/2017Hawk Honey
Muntiacus reevesi | Chinese Muntjac
Purdis HeathTM21042615/10/2017David Basham