Suffolk Biological Recording Online

Welcome to Suffolk Biological Recording Online

This section of our website provides you with all the tools to create and submit records to the Suffolk Biodiversity Information Service. These records will be verified via iRecord and our county recorders and then be be added to our ever expanding database of records for Suffolk. Records submitted will help build up our understanding of Suffolk's wildlife as well as be provided to key partners to inform conservation activities and the planning process. Verified records will, along with the rest of our data, be uploaded to the National Biodiversity Network (NBN) gateway.

To start using our online forms please log in or create an account (left). Our recording website is built with the same technology used by iRecord. If you already have an iRecord account and wish to synchronise it with this account please register using the same email address.

Alternatively see below for other methods to send in sightings...

Recording News

  1. NOW LIVE - Flatford FSC Bioblitz Pages

    The Flatford FSC Bioblitz homepage is now live! You can use this page to enter any records you make at this event on Sat 23rd July. You can also explore what others have recorded online.

    To get to the page please follow:

    The Bioblitz starts at 8 am and runs for 14 hours! Various activities will be coordinated from the Field Study Centre at Flatford.


  2. NOW LIVE! Orwell Country Park Bioblitz Home Page

    The home page for the Orwell Country Park Bioblitz is now live. Anyone attending this event can use these pages to record their sighting from the day and see what others have recorded too. As there is no internet at the site we will not be logging records at the site. However if you have internet signal on your phone you can use our mobile friendly recording forms. Or simply note down your sightings and either take them home and enter them online yourself (at the link below) or give them to staff at the event.